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Jakob de Boer has spent most of his professional life as a director and producer in film. Born and educated in Toronto, Canada he grew up traveling the world, as part of a family that produced world syndicated television. Jakob went on to study and earn a business degree at Western University and continued his studies in film at NYU.

 Jakob’s photography stems from an early passion for constructing emotional images that communicate a story. His imagery, both in landscapes and portraits, seeks to stir our awareness. Each photograph is an invitation to personal discovery and reflection that leaves us somehow changed.

 Influenced by painters like John Singer Sargent, Vermeer and Cavavaggio, Jakob spent years studying and deconstructing composition through their works. His work has also been influenced by filmmakers Ridley Scott, David lean and Hayao Miazaki and their use of imagery to evoke emotion and tell a story. 

Jakob has been a speaker most recently at PDN Photoplus in New York as well as the Leica Academy in Toronto, on the topic of “Capturing The Authentic Moment”. He is also a prototype tester for Leica.  Jakob is represented by Izzy Gallery, Toronto and Immagis Gallery, Germany.

 All of Jakob’s exhibition images are silver gelatin prints from a negative.